The Band

Heavy metal hailing from San Francisco, California.
"Borrowing the bold red-on-black cover lettering from Kill ‘Em All (little Metallica similarities in their moniker design too), the debut from this Cali based outfit exudes “metal”, from the close-up artwork of a blurred hand, playing a Flying V to the hint of Iron Maiden in “Into The Light”. Don't let the disc opening, acoustic prelude fool you, this is ten tracks of wall-to-wall, twin lead, old school riffing (verging on thrash) and screaming high pitched vocals.
Usually the province of European bands, Hell Fire are from the same camp of American acts like Night Demon, Spellcaster, Visigoth, Widow and Holy Grail, re-imaging traditional metal for a new age. Love the picking to kick off “Night Terror” as well as the dual solos on “Islands Of Hell”. The chugging title cut recalls their San Fran mentors, apart from the vocals (more Alan Tecchio, of Hades, in scope). “Excelsior” is a full blown (4:21) instrumental, leading directly into “Battlecry”. A cappella vocals greet the “Escape Purgatory” closer, as the tempo rises. Initially just a digital download, damn shame the CD didn't meet my ears earlier, as it would have garnered Top Albums Of 2016 consideration. Already in the process of recording a follow-up. Watch for it!"


“Hell Fire have conjured up a staggeringly good debut from the flames of Hades. It will easily be in the running for my best albums of 2016. Fans of Striker, Spellcaster, Night Demon, etc., check ‘em out. Record labels and festival promoters, what are you waiting for? Hell Fire deserve to be heard, with their exhilarating, life-affirming ‘Metal Masses’ album sounding vibrant, fresh and familiar all at the same time.”

 - True Metal Lives

“These guys bring the wrath that Maiden did in their heyday, but with the ferocity of modern day metal. With a singer that can belt like Halford and a pair of guitarists that intend on shredding your faces off!”

 - Wrecked Reviews

“Local old-school speed/thrash metal band Hell Fire opened the gig with an excellent 40-minute set and provided the ideal warm-up for Exodus. They played tunes that showcased a clear Iron Maiden influence and had strong power metal elements but boasted of the local thrash flavor as well. Their vocalist laid down some epic high-pitched screams that struck the right chord with the old-school metalheads in this crowd, while the guitarists combined well to present some nicely crafted harmonies and solos. The band as a whole showed great stage presence and brought the right amount of energy to get the crowd involved through circle pits, wherein even a dude on wheelchair was seen being sped around in circles by his friend/helper. The singer himself dived from the stage and joined the mosh pit towards the end. Through this high-octane set of theirs, Hell Fire served the perfect.”

- Metal Assault

“After listening to these talented you men, you would think they were a bunch of old timers still riding on the same line up since back in the 80s. But after taking a close look at the band you see it’s a bunch of dudes in their 20’s who love to party and keep a kick ass style of metal alive!”

- LMB Esclusive