The Band

  Formed in San Francisco California, Hell Fire began when bass player Herman Bandala moved to San Francisco from Tijuana Mexico with the hopes of forming a heavy metal band. Herman posted an ad to craigslist which caught the attention of guitarist Tony Campos. Both shared interests in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and early Bay Area thrash years. Influenced by bands like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Exodus, Metallica, Riot, Virtue, Diamond Head etc. which was a hard thing to find in the Bay Area scene at the time.
  Driven and determined Hell Fire's early years were all about performing, writing songs, having fun and getting a solid line up for the band to move forward. Jake Nunn and Mike Smith were both in Hysteria another high energy heavy metal band out of the Bay Area they started in high school. Hell Fire and Hysteria shared the stage multiple times becoming some of the bay areas most prominent up and coming heavy metal acts. However both bands struggled finding solid stable members.
  Just before Hell Fire entered the studio to record their debut album 'Metal Masses' Jake Nunn joined on vocals. Replacing original singer Alex Orozco. The band spent several sessions at district studios in San Jose, California tracking the record and released it in the spring of 2016. After the release of Metal Masses the band was anxious and ready to write new material. Drummer Art Rios and guitarist Jon Mendle parted ways from Hell Fire after Metal Masses to pursue other projects.
  Jake had previously played guitar and sang with Hysteria, so he was the first to be asked if he was up to the task of taking on guitar duties as well as singing. It just felt like the natural transition to move forward. Mike Smith already a close friend of the band was asked if he would like to try out on drums. After the first practice with the new line up, everything clicked perfectly and with only 2 months until it was time to hit the studio again the band got to work. In the spring of 2017 Hell Fire entered the studio to record their follow up album 'Free Again'. Recorded over a five day session at Louder Studios in Grass Valley with producer Tim Green.  After the release of Free Again Hell Fire hit the road supporting their new release touring through out the US through the remainder of 2017 and 2018.
  In February of 2018 Hell Fire signed with RidingEasy Records and hit the road on a north american tour with fellow up and coming NWOTHM band Haunt. Now the band has just completed recording their third album scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2019 through Riding Easy Records, the bands first non independent release. This next year looks to already be the bands busiest to date, so be on the lookout for a show coming to you soon!

“The band have delivered another superb album and have cemented their position as unsung heroes of underground heavy metal in the USA. My only hope is that our scene will sit up and take notice. Hell Fire are too damned good and too damned special to be languishing in obscurity in the Bay Area while the critical darlings get invited to play Keep It True and hyped in social media. In a just world, Hell Fire would be receiving the buzz and the accolades both domestically and abroad. I’m doing my part. Now go do yourself a favor and buy Free Again, will you? And pick up Metal Masses, while you’re at it. You can thank me later.”

- True Metal Lives

There is never enough of the classic Metal vibe, and every single bit of it created nowadays is a blessing. Some might not reach the old standards, yet some might just blow your minds. Hell Fire is an example of an anti-trend, going with forward, sharing the blood with an era that is in the course of resurrection.
- Metal Temple

"These fine gentlemen are all hardboiled veterans of the scene, each one having tons of medals in his agenda. Hell Fire is one of those bands that you know are killer right from the first listen , Great harmonies and potent choruses remind us of the great Heavy Metal bands of the heydays and the sheer energy that emanates from the tunes are more than enough to put it in a respectable position in the genre this year."
- Acier Doux Metalzine Tunisia

"If anything, Free Again is a definite step up from Metal Masses - while the debut was more or less comprised of slap dash riffing and ambulance siren sounding, Kirk Hammett style leads (from Metallica's roughshod Kill 'Em All) this latest offering presents itself as more confidant and hungry. The quartet is well on its way to establishing its own identity and signature sound. As well, there's an undeniably organic and unpretentious element present throughout. If Hell Fire can keep up its game, expect a gargantuan third release which won't escape notice." 
- Metal-Archives

"Borrowing the bold red-on-black cover lettering from Kill ‘Em All (little Metallica similarities in their moniker design too), the debut from this Cali based outfit exudes “metal”, from the close-up artwork of a blurred hand, playing a Flying V to the hint of Iron Maiden in “Into The Light”. Don't let the disc opening, acoustic prelude fool you, this is ten tracks of wall-to-wall, twin lead, old school riffing (verging on thrash) and screaming high pitched vocals.
Usually the province of European bands, Hell Fire are from the same camp of American acts like Night Demon, Spellcaster, Visigoth, Widow and Holy Grail, re-imaging traditional metal for a new age. Love the picking to kick off “Night Terror” as well as the dual solos on “Islands Of Hell”. The chugging title cut recalls their San Fran mentors, apart from the vocals (more Alan Tecchio, of Hades, in scope). “Excelsior” is a full blown (4:21) instrumental, leading directly into “Battlecry”. A cappella vocals greet the “Escape Purgatory” closer, as the tempo rises. Initially just a digital download, damn shame the CD didn't meet my ears earlier, as it would have garnered Top Albums Of 2016 consideration. Already in the process of recording a follow-up. Watch for it!"


“These guys bring the wrath that Maiden did in their heyday, but with the ferocity of modern day metal. With a singer that can belt like Halford and a pair of guitarists that intend on shredding your faces off!”

 - Wrecked Reviews

“Local old-school speed/thrash metal band Hell Fire opened the gig with an excellent 40-minute set and provided the ideal warm-up for Exodus. They played tunes that showcased a clear Iron Maiden influence and had strong power metal elements but boasted of the local thrash flavor as well. Their vocalist laid down some epic high-pitched screams that struck the right chord with the old-school metalheads in this crowd, while the guitarists combined well to present some nicely crafted harmonies and solos. The band as a whole showed great stage presence and brought the right amount of energy to get the crowd involved through circle pits, wherein even a dude on wheelchair was seen being sped around in circles by his friend/helper. The singer himself dived from the stage and joined the mosh pit towards the end. Through this high-octane set of theirs, Hell Fire served the perfect.”

- Metal Assault

“After listening to these talented you men, you would think they were a bunch of old timers still riding on the same line up since back in the 80s. But after taking a close look at the band you see it’s a bunch of dudes in their 20’s who love to party and keep a kick ass style of metal alive!”

- LMB Esclusive